Not shaken, but stirred

… is the dough for our yummy organic Mie-Noodles. The dry and wet components for the dough are mixed well within a huge dough mixing machine.

One the one hand, we are having durum wheat semolina, wheat or spelt flour and on the other hand, pure water and, optional, eggs.

In the beginning, the dough for the Mie-Noodles is very crumbly, like a cookie dough, before it begins to reach a smooth texture. A vacuum vat extracts the dispensable air from the dough and in the end, it will be compressed.  


…breeds strength, and the full flavour of a perfect noodle dough.

So our dough rests now on the conveyer belt. There it unfolds its full flavour for the next production step.

The dough, which is a thick strand now, passes several gauging rollers until it is only a very thin dough sheet. After the dough has reached its required thickness, it is cut into fine, but extra long, dough wires.

With a huge portion of steam

…our Mie-Noodles are preserved. This is an unrivalled production technology and makes our production process unique across Europe. In Asia, ramen noodles are usually deep-fried to preserve. Our Mie-Noodles are only blanched with hot steam. Hence, they are very low in fat compared to typical ramen noodles.

Due to the steam drying process during the production our stir-fry favourites are very easy and quick to prepare. They are pre-cooked and thus, only need to be cooked for a few minutes or simply soaked in hot water.    

Wrap, wrap, wrap

…up the noodles in the end. The extra long dough wires are divided into single servings before they will be wrapped up mechanically in only a split second. And out comes the so-called noodle cake.

To preserve the Mie-Noodles, they are gently and slowly dehumidified. Therefore, we use cabinet dryers, which are like baking trays with plenty of tiny holes. Due to the gentle drying process the noodles do not break apart and can go directly into the packaging process.  


Heilmittel für Augenzucken Natürliche Heilmittel für Sinusitis
Grippe Medizin Medikamente gegen Kopfschmerzen
Medikamente gegen Hitzewallungen Hausmittel gegen zahnschmerzen
medizinische briefe Natürliche Heilmittel für ADHS
Behandlung von Nagelpilz Behandlungen für eingewachsene Zehennägel