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pasta For Bon Vivants

High quality pasta is made up of three main ingredients: durum wheat semolina, fresh eggs cracked on a daily basis and water. As a former chicken farm, we are well aware of the meaning of quality in harmony with nature. ALB-GOLD Gourmet Pasta is colorful pasta made with all natural ingredients. Spices, dried vegetables and herbs are added to these pastas to create the extraordinary flavor and beautiful colors.

Gourmet-Pasta is an excellent side-dish for seasonal meals. Our broad noodles are also great for main dishes.


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Short or long, classic or trendy, Swabian-style or traditional Italian...

...ALB-GOLD‘s pasta assortment is nearly unlimited. With the number of types and shapes we produce, we have always been the leader in variety among the pasta manufacturers in Germany. Traditional spaetzle prepared from wheat and eggs aren‘t the only type of noodle with which we’re familiar! We also use spelt, farro, einkorn wheat – with and without eggs – and even rice and corn flour to produce our delicious noodles.


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"Bio Mie-Noodles von ALB-GOLD"

Fancy for Asian Cuisine?

All natural, organic, and low in fat

Organic Mie-Noodles meet with their easy preparation and various uses the current market trends. They are perfect for stir-fries, noodle dishes or soups. The Organic Mie-Noodles from ALB-GOLD are made without any additives. Thus, they are all natural, low in fat and easily digestible.

Since they are manufactured in Germany, the noodles are a real alternative to conventional products, which are mostly from Asia. These Mie-Noodles are not deep-fried like many other ramen noodles. They are produced with a steam drying process and thus, are low in fat and calories.

ALB-GOLD Mie-Noodles can offer an exceptional product quality combined with short transport routes since they are made in Germany – this is genuine organic and unique in Europe!



Mmmmmh, delicious Pasta

Pasta made from alternative raw materials

Our new Fit´n´free Pasta look amazing and taste delicious. On top they are made from pulses and pseudocereals, which are full of protein and mineral nutrients. With Fit´n´Free, your Pasta-dish becomes perfect – wether meatless, glutenfree or as powerfood after your workout.

Fusilli made from red lentil-, chickpea- and buckwheat flour are perfectly suitable for vegan or meat-reduced nutrition. They are high in proteins, low in unsaturated fatty acids, contain very little salt and are absolutely free from additives.



THE PASTA for fine dining.

ALB-GOLD offers first class pasta in unusual variations and colors.

These specialties will undoubtedly tantalize and engage all of your senses:

  • Organic Kid's Pasta
  • Organic Gluten Free Pasta
  • Fun Shaped Pasta

Organic Mie-Noodles from ALB-GOLD are made without any additives. Thus they are pure, natural, low in fat and easily digestible. All types of ALB-GOLD Organic Gluten-Free Pasta are produced without using any additives or fillers.

For those challenging moments when the children [or adults for that matter] just won't eat a thing... "Fun Shaped Pasta" and our "Kids‘ Pasta" will save your day!
These adorable shapes including pigs, hens, cows, giraffes, crocodiles and hearts are simply irresistible, even for the pickiest eater. They also make great presents for Christmas and many other occasions!


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