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Herstellung von Spiralen durch die Nudelpresse

Pasta production

If you are interested in looking behind the scenes to see how our products are made, please watch our short movies:


ALB-GOLD Company Portrait  |  Part 1 [ YouTube ]


ALB-GOLD Company Portrait  |  Part 2 [ YouTube ]



Bauer betrachtet Ernte

high quality raw materials

ALB-GOLD pasta is made by using high quality raw materials. The bases for our pasta are the finest durum wheat semolina and regionally grown spelt – an ancient grain. The egg pasta is produced with free-range chicken eggs which are cracked on a daily basis.

Our raw material suppliers are important to us – for years we have worked closely with the farmers and millers who deliver our eggs and grains. Therefore we can guarantee that the products we use are the best quality available on the market.



Matrizen zur Nudelherstellung

ALB-GOLD pasta

... is known for its high quality and excellent taste. We produced the first handcrafted rolled pasta in 1977. The daily output at that time was about 50 kilos or 110 pounds. Today we can produce up to 50 tons/110.000 pounds per day due to our modern production lines. In spite of our modern technology we have never lost sight of the quality of hand-made pasta – you can tell by their delicious taste!

Our employees work hard to produce the best pasta possible according to our motto “everyone is responsible for the highest pasta quality”. All production lines are monitored and recorded accurately. Quality has the highest priority within our company. Therefore we work according to the newest international quality standards.


Various ALB-GOLD products have been awarded with the "Golden Award of Quality"!


Eiaufschlagmaschine zum Herstellen von Eierteigwaren
Herstellung von Maultaschen
Herstellung von frischen Teigwaren
Herstellung von frischen Spätzle
Matrizen zur Nudelherstellung
Blick in den Teigmischer einer Nudelmaschine
Herstellung von Fußballnudeln
Herstellung von Spiralen durch die Nudelpresse
Der Weg der Nudeln in die Verpackung
Verpackungsmaschine in der Nudelproduktion
Qualitätssicherung von Nudeln
Qualitätssicherung von Nudeln

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